al-Khemedia Studios was established in 2004, and is the official home of photography and videography by Tyler Kuhn. 

al-Khemedia Studios unofficially came into being during the summer of 2002 [as an ambitious plan to get paid to ride mountain bikes... long story]. However, from this inauspicious beginning a more respectable and experienced company soon took shape.

After many years of schooling (including a B.Sc., an M.Sc., and a bit of a Ph.D.), Tyler is back in the Yukon doing what he [thinks] he does best, photographing the world around him. Along with working as a palaeontologist, he is a freelance photographer, as well as having dabbled in a variety of other photographic endeavours - from fine art black and white photography exhibitions, to wedding photography.

Most recently, his time, and hard drive space have been consumed by an ill-advised love affair with time lapse photography.

You can find many of his video productions on Vimeo (